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Batiste Talent Solutions Hires From The Heart

A Bit About
Batiste Talent

An abundance of problems discouraging candidates from applying for jobs exists in today’s post-global pandemic climate. Although people and technology have evolved, the way many companies hire has not. Using my own experience, data I collected through research, as well as modern technology it is my mission to develop ever-evolving, streamlined, personalized solutions not only for businesses seeking to fill positions but also for the candidates that seek these roles.  I work thoroughly around the clock providing a variety of services both to applicants and businesses alike that are precisely tailored to their needs. Here at Batiste Talent Solutions,  I remove the stress associated with filling a position. I design solutions to meet YOUR needs!


My Services

I offer an extensive range of services to both businesses and candidates. Learn more about what I provide below and let me know if you have any questions or special requests. I look forward to adding you to my long list of satisfied clients.



The primary focus at Batiste Talent Solutions is to match the perfect candidate with the perfect job. I recognize that well qualified doesn't always mean a good fit. My goal is to not just fill a position but to fill it with someone that will meet the needs our clients express.


Candidate Prep

Here at Batiste Talent Solutions I understand the importance of submitting quality candidates to each client. For the sake of time and an enhanced presentation of candidates I offer a range of assistance to candidates from help with résumé construction to  interview preparation as well as thorough communication and assistance with every step in between.

Other Services

  • Go beyond the résumé to screen each candidate with Batiste Talent Solutions. A candidate's qualifications usually go beyond what is listed on their résumé. BTS utilizes all resources available for screening each candidate so that you don't have to!

  • Gain access to REAL summarizations for each candidate so that you can review an analysis and choose which candidates you would like to go forward with. This feature provides ease and saves you time. 

  • Did you and your candidate decide not to continue your working relationships? Well, it happens. Don't worry BTS backfills positions. You won't be alone in any stage of your search.

  • BTS is here for both the client and the candidate's needs. The average vacancy takes 42 days to fill and costs a company over $4,000. The individual in charge of hiring will spend a little over 30% of their time trying to fill vacant roles. There is no time (or money) to waste when filling open positions. We help you get back to other things in the office while we move with speed, precision, and personalization to fill open positions.

  • Is your résumé stressing you out? Obtain a variety of résumé services (including review or construction) so that you (candidates) have the best chance of properly displaying your abilities to employers.

  • Nervous about your interview? Don't be! Each candidate will have interview training so that you will be properly prepared to move forward in the interviewing phase.

  • No need to worry yourself with onboarding. BTS has onboarding assistance available to ALL clients and candidates.

 And we do so much more!! Have a need? Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss it!

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